Alma 22

22:13 What do we understand about our need for the Jesus’ Atonement?

22:15 What do we learn about Lamoni’s father’s spiritual growth? Compare Alma 20:23.

22:17 What role does humility play in gaining a testimony and doing the Lord’s will?

“Many of us live or work in an environment where humility is often misunderstood and considered a weakness. Not many corporations or institutions include humility as a value statement or desired characteristic of their management. Yet as we learn about the workings of God, a power of all humble submissive spirit becomes apparent. In the kingdom of God, greatness begins with humility and submissiveness. These companion virtues are the first critical steps to opening the doors to the blessings of God and the power of the priesthood. It matters not who we are or how lofty our credentials appear. Humility and submissiveness to the Lord, coupled with a grateful heart, are our strength and our hope.” ~ R Edgely

22:18 Why is it necessary to give away all our sins?

“The denial of self precedes the full acceptance of Him.” ~ NA Maxwell

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