Alma 23

What’s happening? The King of the Lamanites grants religious freedom to all.

Why does it matter? This allows regions and groups to live according to their beliefs, as well as the gospel to be preached unhindered.

Between the lines: To the outsider, it looks like the King of the Lamanites and the Anti-Nephi-Lehies are being influenced by Nephite culture, not living the way they want to live. It’s going to make some non-believers very angry.

Quote of for the day: “They did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren.” ~ Alma 23:7

23:1 What is our role in preserving freedom so the gospel can be taught?

“Religious freedom all over the world is also under attack. It is important for your generation to become well educated on this issue and assume responsibility for ensuring that the religious freedom you have inherited is passed on to future generations. We must work together to both protect religious freedom and restore morality. Please understand this is not an effort to coerce religious belief. As John Locke asserted, ‘religious worship does not have value unless it is voluntary.’” ~ QA Cook

23:7-8, 13 What are modern day weapons of rebellion?

“To set aside cherished ‘weapons of rebellion’ such as selfishness, pride, and disobedience requires more than merely believing and knowing. Conviction, humility, repentance, and submissiveness preceded the abandonment of our weapons of rebellion.” ~ DA Bednar

23:14 Why do you think none of the Amulonites and only one Amalekite were converted?

23:16-17 Why the name Anti-Nephi-Lehis?

“They were Lehites but they were not Nephites; thus the name: the Lehites or Lehies, opposite or apart (Greek for anti) from the Nephites.” ~ Ogden and Skinner

23:18 What were some of the temporal changes that occurred because of the people’s spiritual changes?

“Spirituality yields two fruits. The first is inspiration to know what to do. The second is the power and capacity to do it.” ~ RG Scott, 2009

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