Alma 24

What’s happening? The Lamanites attack the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

Why does it matter? This is the ultimate example of peace-seeking people.

Between the lines: One of the saddest stories in the Book of Mormon, this tells of people who refuse to even go near to something that may tempt them to live their old ways. By refusing to take up arms, they show us peaceful actions can soften hearts.

Quote of for the day: “Notwithstanding the evil and the tragedy, I see a silver thread shining through the dark and bloody tapestry of conflict. I see the finger of the Lord plucking some good from the evil designs of the adversary.” ~ GB Hinckley, 1968

24:1-2 Why were the other Lamanites angry enough to go to war against the Anti-Nephi-Lehis?

24:10-11 Why were the converted Lamanites forgiven of serious sin? How does this compare to today?

“This chapter is a remarkable tribute to the Lamanite converts. The world today desperately needs such peacemakers. A rather remarkable fact that we should also notice in this chapter is that God not only permitted many Lamanites to repent of their murders, but also seems to have forgive them. This may be justified on the grounds that the Lamanites before their conversion had little spiritual light and were ignorant of the consequences of their misdeeds.” ~ Sperry, BOM COMPENDIUM

24:21-22 What was so different about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies burying their weapons and why did they do it?

“While the message of the story is not to insist on universal pacifism, we do learn that by not returning aggressions from others we can have a profound effect on them. Literally, we can change their hearts when we follow Christ’s example and turn the other cheek. Our examples as peaceable followers of Christ inspire others to follow Him.” ~ LT Perry

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