Alma 33

What’s happening? Alma quotes the prophets to testify of Jesus Christ.

Why does it matter? Testimony increases by listening to a prophet, but it is also reinforced when there is more than one witness.

Between the lines: Alma is handing us the path to salvation by pointing us to our Brother, Jesus Christ.

Read the following verses then ask yourself the questions. If there are any corresponding quotes, read them and see how they relate to the verses above it.

Quote of for the day: “Each child in each generation chooses faith or disbelief. Faith is not an inheritance; it is a choice.” ~ President Henry B. Eyring 

33:2 What are some places where we can be worshiping God?

“If we place any person or thing above the love of God, we worship that thing or person. This is called idolatry.” ~ True to the Faith

33:8 What is the value in private, individual prayer? See Matthew 6:6.

33:16 Why is it important to understand Jesus’ mercy for us?

“I have learned there are many who believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He is the Savior of the World, but they do not believe that He can save them. They believe in His identity, but not in His power to cleanse and purify and to save…. As our understanding of the Atonement increases, our ability to forgive ourselves and others increases as well. When we more fully understand the depths to which the Savior descended, the breadth to which He reached, and the heights to which He ascended, we can more readily accept that our own sins are within that vast sphere of his conquered domain. ~ TR Callister

33:22-23 What do we receive when we trust the Lord with our burdens?

“The Savior offers us sustaining strength and support, and in His own time and way, He offers deliverance…. Mercifully, the Son of God offers us deliverance from the bondage of our sins, which are among the heaviest of all the burdens we bear.” ~ WH Clayton

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