Alma 40

Alma 40

What’s happening?  Alma explains the spirit world, Judgement, and the Resurrection to his son, Corianton.

Why does it matter?  Since all of us have need of forgiveness, these teachings are important doctrine for anyone who has ever lived on this earth.

Between the lines: Corianton has recognized his errors and is now concerned about the implications of his actions.

Quote of the day: “God was redemptively at work long before mortal time began on this earth–and He will still be at work even after mortal time is no more.” ~ NA Maxwell

40:1 Why do you think Corianton was worried about the Resurrection?

40:8-10 How does timing come into play for resurrection? How does God view time?

“The great Jehovah contemplated the whole of the events connected with the earth, pertaining to the plan of salvation, before it rolled into existence, or ever ‘the morning stars sang together’ for joy; the past, the present, and the future were and are, with Him, one eternal ‘now’.” ~ Joseph Smith

40:11 What does ‘taken home’ mean? See also Ecclesiastes 12:7.

“These words of Alma as I understand them, do not intend to convey the thought that all spirits go back into the presence of God for an assignment to a place of peace or a place of punishment and before him receive their individual sentence. ‘Taken home to God’ simply means that their mortal existence has come to an end, and they have returned to the world of spirits, where they are assigned to a place according to this works with the just or with the unjust, there to await the resurrection.” ~ JF Smith

40:12-14 What happens to the righteous and the wicked after death? See also D&C 138:32.

“When you lay down this tabernacle, where are you going? Into the spiritual world. Are you going into Abraham’s bosom? No, not anywhere nigh there but into the spirit world. Where is the spirit world? It is right here. Do the good and evil spirits go together? Yes, they do. Do they both inhabit one kingdom? Yes, they do. Do they go to the sun? No. Do they go beyond the boundaries of the organized earth? No, they do not. They are brought forth upon this earth.” ~ B Young

40:15-20 When is the first resurrection? See also D&C 76:50-80; 88:95-99

“Those coming forth in the morning of this resurrection do so with celestial bodies and shall inherit a celestial glory; these are they who are Christ’s, the firstfruits. Those coming forth in the afternoon of this resurrection do with terrestrial bodies; the coming forth of terrestrial beings does not commence until after the Second Coming.” ~ BR McConkie

40:21-23 What are some of the comforts in the doctrine of the Resurrection? 

“What a comfort to know that all who have been disadvantaged in life from birth defects, from mortal injuries, from disease, or from the natural deterioration of old age will be resurrected in ‘proper and perfect frame’.” ~ DH Oaks

40:26 If Jesus drank the ‘dregs of the bitter cup’ then why will some people have to do it? See also Mosiah 3:26 and D&C 19:16-18.

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