Alma 41

What’s happening?  Alma is continuing to teach Corianton about the Resurrection, the law of restoration, and the consequences of sin.

Why does it matter?  Just like in chapter 40, these principles are applicable to every person.Between the lines:  Corianton is likely trembling about now as much as his father was when an angel appeared to him.

Quote of the day: “Do not suppose, because it has been spoken concerning restoration, that ye shall be restored from sin to happiness. Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness.” Alma 41:10

41:1 Why do some people struggle with the doctrine that if we don’t repent, we must pay for our sins? See also 1 Nephi 16:1-3.

41:4 According to this scripture, what is the law of restoration?

41:8-11 Why can wickedness never bring real happiness?

“Truly this statement of Alma, an inspired prophet and compassionate father, is borne out in their lives: ‘wickedness never was happiness.’ If you are ever tempted to experiment with the alluring offerings of Lucifer, first calmly analyze the inevitable consequences of such choices and your life will not be shattered. You cannot ever sample those things that are forbidden of God as destructive of happiness and corrosive to spiritual guidance without tragic results.” ~ RG Scott

41:12-15 What is the good news for the repentant and the bad news for sinners?”

I have been asked the question, ‘Isn’t it depressing to have to review the sins and transgressions of people involved in such difficulties?’ It would be if I were looking for sins and transgressions. But I am working with people who are repenting. These are sons and daughters of God who have made mistakes—some of them very serious. But they are not sinners. They were sinners in the past but have learned through bitter experience the heartbreak that results from disobedience to God’s laws. Now they are no longer sinners. They are God’s repentant children who want to come back to Him and are striving to do so. They have made their mistakes and have paid for them. Now they seek understanding, love, and acceptance. I often wish that in the first place they had believed the words of the prophet Alma which he spoke to his wayward son, Corianton.” ~ TM Burton, 1985

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