Alma 45

Alma 45

What’s happening? Alma is saying farewell. Helaman is a witness and a second testimony to Alma’s blessing and curse about the land and people.

Why does it matter?  We’re still seeing the effects of this blessing and curse today. 

Between the lines: Helaman readily answers his father and Alma seems satisfied and grateful for this answers because more prophecy is given.

Quote of the day: “ It is a marvelous thing when a father is able to make his commandments square perfectly with God’s expectations. Apparently, this condition was achieved by Alma, for Helaman was ready and willing to obey with all his heart.” ~ CE Asay, 1983, Parent-Child Interviews

45:1 How did the people of Nephi give thanks for their deliverance?

“It is easy to see why a loving Father in Heaven wants to hear from His children. Through prayer, we can show our love for God. And He has made it so easy. We may pray to Him any time. No special equipment is needed. We don’t even need to charge batteries or pay a monthly service fee. Some people pray only when confronted with personal problems. Others don’t pray at all. A scripture makes this observation: “Ye do not remember the Lord your God in the things with which he hath blessed you, but ye do always remember your riches, not to thank the Lord … for them (Mosiah 13:29).” ~ RM Nelson, 2003, “Sweet Power of Prayer”

45:10-14 How does this prophecy relate to our day?

“Why were the Nephites destroyed? They had been told that it was a privilege for anyone to live on the American continent, for it is a promised land, and those who reside here must abide by the rules that God decreed pertaining to it. Only those who are willing to serve Jesus Christ, who is the God of this land, may remain here. Others will be swept off. The Nephites knew this, but with malice aforethought, they reveled in sin and rejected the teachings of Christ. Having failed to meet the conditions by which they could remain on this promised land, they were swept off, and with great violence.” ~ ME Petersen, 1978, “The Last Words of Moroni”

45:13 In the midst of this rallying to a cause, Moroni knelt and prayed. How do you think that affected the people, watching him pray in that moment?

45:15-16 What prophesy hangs over the American continent? What role can we play in this prophesy? See Ether 2:10-12. Have there been similar prophecies about the Nephites before or after Alma’s words? See 1 Nephi 12:19 & Helaman 13:5-10.

45:18-19 What happened to Alma the Younger?

“It is very reasonable thought to believe that both Moses and Alma, like Elijah and John, were translated to accomplish some work which the Lord had in store for them at some future day.” ~ Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions

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