Alma 47

Alma 47

What’s happening?  Amalickiah runs away to the Lamanites and ends up leading their armies.

Why does it matter?  Amalickiah seems to very easily take over the Lamanites after trying so hard and failing to do the same with the Nephites previously. The Lamanites don’t have men like Captain Moroni to stand in Amalickiah’s way and now it’s going to cause trouble for both nations.

Between the lines: Don’t ever come down from high places of security, especially spiritually speaking.

Quote of the day: “Lehonti in the Book of Mormon was well positioned on the top of a mountain. He and those he led were “fixed in their minds with a determined resolution” that they would not come down from the mount. It only took the deceitful Amalickiah four tries, each one more bold than the previous, to get Lehonti to “come down off from the mount.” And then having embraced Amalickiah’s false promises, Lehonti was “poison[ed] by degrees” until he died. Not just poisoned, but “by degrees.” Could it be that this may be happening today? Could it be that first we tolerate, then accept, and eventually embrace the vice that surrounds us? Could it be that we have been deceived by false role models and persuasive media messages that cause us to forget our divine identity? Are we too being poisoned by degrees?” ~ ES Dalton, 2008, A Return to Virtue

47:1-13 How many times did Lehonti have to be asked to come and meet Amlickiah? What does this suggest?

47:7-16 What are some spiritual high grounds we shouldn’t leave?

“In the Book of Mormon, we read about Lehonti and his men camped upon a mount. The traitorous Amalickiah urged Lehonti to “come down” and meet him in the valley. But when Lehonti left the high ground, he was poisoned “by degrees” until he died, and his army fell into Amalickiah’s hands. By arguments and accusations, some people bait us to leave the high ground. The high ground is where the light is. It’s where we see the first light of morning and the last light in the evening. It is the safe ground. It is true and where knowledge is. Sometimes others want us to come down off the high ground and join them in a theological scrum in the mud. These few contentious individuals are set on picking religious fights, online or in person. We are always better staying on the higher ground of mutual respect and love.” ~ RD Hales, 2008. Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship

47:18 What are some evil habits that can happen by degrees? On the flip side, what are some good habits possible to build by degrees? Compare also Nehemiah 6.

47:36 What are some consequences of rebellion we see here?

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