Alma 52

Alma 52

What’s happening?  Amalickiah is killed but the war is still going on.

Why does it matter?  The Nephites are only winning because of faithfulness and ingenious tactical maneuvers.

Between the lines: Moroni and his leaders are clever men, but especially because they follow revelation from the Lord.

Quote of the day: “Truly he was preparing to defend himself against them, by casting up walls round about and preparing places of resort.” ~ Alma 52:6

52:3 Who was Ammoron?

52:16-17 What can we learn from Teancum’s example and actions?

“In many ways, Teancum was a heroic extension of Moroni’s own quickness, decisiveness, and boldness. Teancum’s personal courage went almost to the point of recklessness, in a way that appeals to our sense of adventure even while we recognize the dangers…. Teancum was not Moroni’s only chief captain; the record also mentions Antipus, Gid, Helaman, and Lehi and refers to numerous others. But Teancum, Helaman, and Lehi are singled out for special mention. Mormon, who knew what loyalty tested in battle meant, reveals a great deal in what he tells us of Moroni’s relationships with his chief captains. In any military society, the brutalities of war can unite men in a kind of competition of escalating toughness, competency in killing, and callousness to sensitive feelings. Instead, we see in Moroni and his chief captains an exceptional and exemplary masculine relationship based partly on shared skills and shared dangers but also on a loving friendship and a righteous desire for liberty and peace. All of these men were courageous in defense of liberty.” ~ E England, 1977, Moroni and His Captains: Men of Peace in a Time of War

52:1, 5-26 What are some tactics the Nephite troops used to fight their enemies?

52:27-28 Why do you think the Lamanite armies were afraid and confused?

52:32-39 What are some differences between Captain Moroni and the Zoramite military leaders?

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