Alma 54

Alma 54

What’s happening?  Moroni is negotiating an exchange of prisoners.

Why does it matter?  Ammoron seems to not value human life, instead is fixed on perceived ancestral wrongs. Moroni wants to negotiate the return of whole families while Ammoron wants to take advantage.

Between the lines: Sometimes strong words are needed when they are true and for a righteous cause.

Quote of the day: “The great need in the world today is applied religion…. The roots of the causes of war lie deeply bedded in vanity, selfishness, unjust commercialism, unrighteousness, and other things contrary to the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ DO McKay, Pathway to Happiness

54:4-14 When is it appropriate to use strong words like Moroni did to Ammoron?

“In a letter to Ammoron, a warmongering chief of the Lamanites, we catch more of the spirit of this great man. As President Lee would have said, he wasn’t a shrinking violet. There was no misunderstanding his message. It wasn’t watered down or diluted.” ~ VJ Featherstone, 1975, But Watchman, What of the Night?

54:15-24 What was Ammoron’s reaction to Moroni’s letter? Did some good come out of it?

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