Alma 60

Alma 60

What’s happening? Moroni is calling Pahoran out on leaving the troops without help.

Why does it matter?  Moroni says some strong words, ones we don’t find in other places in the scriptures between believers.

Between the lines: We see Moroni’s strong spirit more here. 

60:1-6 What do you think is Moroni’s intention with this letter?

60:7-12 How would you respond to a letter such as this? How do you think Jesus Christ would?

60:13 Why are the righteous allowed to be slain by the wicked?

“Evil conduct is an element of agency…. [Captain Moroni] made it clear that the righteous are not lost…. The wicked will be held accountable for the atrocities they perpetrate.” ~ QL Cook, 2011, The Songs They Could Not Sing

60:15-17 What do these scriptures show happen when the Lord’s people aren’t united? What are some things that divide His people today?

60:21 Is it wrong to want wealth and the things money can buy?

“I know that happiness does not consist in possession of worldly things…. Still, it is a great relief. When people can have the means necessary for the support of themselves and their families. If they possess these things and the Spirit of God is with them, they are blessed.” ~ GQ Cannon, 1880, J. of Discourses

60:23-24 What can we deduce from the symbol of a “vessel”? See also Matthew 23:25-28 and Mark 7:8-9. 

60:25-27 Why is the “spirit of freedom” so important?

Without the spirit of freedom and the power of agency, there can be no functioning of the principles that would lead us to the gospel. It is difficult, if at all possible, to come to a state of regeneration so vital to progression and the fulfillment of the gospel plan. The gospel of Jesus Christ will not flower or expand its influence under conditions where the will of the individual is suppressed.” ~ AR Dyer, 1972, The Last Dispensation

60:28 What has happened historically to the Nephites when they were led by iniquitous leaders?  See Mosiah 7:24-25.

60:36 Why is it so remarkable that Moroni did not seek power or the honor of men?

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