Alma 61

Alma 61

What’s happening?  Pahoran responds to Moroni’s letter.

Why does it matter?  Pahoran’s response is a template to handle all person-to-person conflict.

Between the lines: Pahoran has more important things to do than be offended by Moroni’s letter. Just as we have more important things to do than be offended by those who are possibly offensive to us.

Quote of the day: “Pahoran easily might have resented Moroni and his inaccurate allegations, but he did not. He responded compassionately and described a rebellion against the government about which Moroni was not aware…. Pahoran was blessed with perspective and strong self-restraint to act rather than react as he explained to Moroni the challenges arising from a rebellion against the government.” ~ DA Bednar, 2018, Meek and Lowly of Heart

61:1-6 How did Pahoran respond to Moroni’s letter?

61:7 How serious was the civil war Pahoran was facing?

61:9 What can we learn from Pahoran’s meekness?

“The Christlike quality of meekness often is misunderstood in our contemporary world. Meekness is strong, not weak; active, not passive; courageous, not timid; restrained, not excessive; modest, not self-aggrandizing; and gracious, not brash. A meek person is not easily provoked, pretentious, or overbearing and readily acknowledges the accomplishments of others. Whereas humility generally denotes dependence upon God and the constant need for His guidance and support, a distinguishing characteristic of meekness is a particular spiritual receptivity to learning both from the Holy Ghost and from people who may seem less capable, experienced, or educated, who may not hold important positions, or who otherwise may not appear to have much to contribute.” ~ DA Bednar, 2018, Meek and Lowly of Heart

61:10-13 How should we respond when others accuse us based on misinformation?

“Moroni was not the first underinformed leader to conclude that another leader was not doing enough. Nor was Pahoran’s sweet, generous response to his ‘beloved brother’ Moroni the last such that will be needed. ~ NA Maxwell, 1976, Not Withstanding My Weakness

61:14-21 How can we “resist evil” for our country today?

“We need to remember Edmund Burke’s statement: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ We need to raise our voices with other concerned citizens throughout the world in opposition to current trends. We need to tell the sponsors of offensive media that we have had enough. We need to support programs and products that are positive and uplifting. Joining together with neighbors and friends who share our concerns, we can send a clear message to those responsible. The Internet Web sites and their local affiliates will have their addresses. Letters and e-mails have more effect than most people realize…. Of course the most basic way to protest negative-impact media is simply not to watch it, see it, read it, or play it.” ~ MR Ballard, 2003, Let Our Voices Be Heard

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