Alma 62

Alma 62

What’s happening?  Moroni and Pahoran take back Nephihah.

Why does it matter?  As Moroni and Pahoran show us, they are stronger united.

Between the lines: Peace can come when people are rallied around righteous causes.

Quote of the day: ‘”Grounded in the faith of Jesus Christ, Captain Moroni defended his people, their rights, and their religion. He sustained the Nephite tradition to never give offense and to raise the sword only against aggressive enemies after having approached the Lord in fervent prayer for his help and guidance. Under such gospel-principled leadership, the Nephites experienced happiness. His example resonated with his son Moronihah and the rising generation who ‘did pray unto the Lord their God continually,’ remembering ‘how great things the Lord had done for them . . . [delivering] them out of the hands of their enemies.'” ~ R. Jenkins, 2009, “Peaceable Followers of Christ” in Days of War and Contention

62:1-4 How did Moroni react when he received Pahoran’s answer?

62:9-10 Why were the king-men executed?62:27-28 Why do you think the Lamanite prisoners chose freedom over their ancestry? See also D&C 134:2.

62:29 What role does work play in building our character and philosophies?

“Work is always a spiritual necessity even if, for some, work is not an economic necessity.” ~ NA Maxwell, 1998, Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel.

62:35-38 Why did the other military leaders mourn the loss of Teancum?

62:39-41 Why can trials harden some people and soften others? How can you stay softened during them?

62:40 What promises are made by the Lord because of the “prayers of the righteous”?

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