Alma 63

Alma 63

What’s happening?  Thousands migrate out of Zarahemla, including Hagoth, and the sacred records pass hands to new prophets.

Why does it matter?  We end the war chapters with progression and peace, but most of all a record of God’s hands in the lives of His people.

Between the lines: Too much speculation exists about indigenous New Zealanders descending from Hagoth. Their lineage and how it came to be doesn’t matter as much as the truth that now the people have the gospel and its ordinances available to them today.

63:5-9 Who was Hagoth and what happened to him?

“You brethren and sisters from New Zealand, I want you to know that you are from the people of Hagoth.” ~ Joseph F. Smith, as quoted in Book of Mormon Student Manual

63:11-13 Why were the prophets so careful about the sacred records and who was in charge of them?

“Daily immersion in the word of God is crucial for spiritual survival, especially in these days of increasing upheaval. As we feast on the words of Christ daily, the words of Christ will tell us how to respond to difficulties we never thought we would face.” – RM Nelson, 2020, Hear Him

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