Authenticity: So easy, it’s hard.

Me at 18 as an USFS back country ranger. It challenged me but also refined me, as all good challenges do.

Why is it so hard to live our true values, to be truly ourselves?

The truth is, I think there are a lot of reasons and all are unique to each of us, though similar at the heart. For one, we live in a culture that doesn’t always celebrate diversity. We’re so used to conforming into round holes, we fall short of being authentically us. We forget pegs come in all shapes, designs, and sizes.

I keep going back to that scene in Captain Marvel where Carol Danvers says, “My name is Carol… I’ve been fighting with one arm behind my back… But what happens when I’m finally set free?”

Captain Marvel is a character who shows us we can claim our name and our core being, irregardless what has happened to us.

That’s how I feel. When I let go of my personal restraints (i.e. comparison, what others think of me, fear, physical challenges, and the list goes on) I find it easier to be true to me and to just be HAPPY.

Getting older has certainly helped me break free more and more from how I think I should be and more how I am or WANT to be.

I love that Brene Brown’s book, DARE TO LEAD has really got me focusing on being true to myself.

Take a moment to think about your three, most important values. Dr. Brown’s list can help you here. What do you feel your most important values are? What are some steps you take or want to take to live those values every day?

I value:
Courage. Courage to try, to do hard things. Courage to choose happiness, no matter how long or short it lasts. Courage to go after my dreams.

Joy. My joy comes from gratitude, loving others without judgment or expectation, nature, my faith, and from exercising creativity.

Faith. Faith means to hope and believe in something or someone unseen or not completely understood. If there is anything good in me, it has been because of my faith. It’s inseparably connected from me.

So those are my top, core values. What are yours?

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