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Alma 56

Alma 56 What’s happening?  The next generation of the people of Ammon are going to go to war with the prophet. Why does it matter?  There will be miracles and help from heaven because of faith and covenant keeping. Between the lines: We see the new, righteous traditions taught to the stripling warriors shape how […]

Alma 55

Alma 55 What’s happening?  Moroni devises a plan to get Nephite prisoners back from the Lamanite troops. Why does it matter?  Moroni uses strategy rather than playing into Ammoron’s hands. Between the lines: The Nephites are successful because they consult the Lord in their plans and thank Him afterwards when it works. Quote of the […]

Alma 54

Alma 54 What’s happening?  Moroni is negotiating an exchange of prisoners. Why does it matter?  Ammoron seems to not value human life, instead is fixed on perceived ancestral wrongs. Moroni wants to negotiate the return of whole families while Ammoron wants to take advantage. Between the lines: Sometimes strong words are needed when they are […]

Alma 53

Alma 53 What’s happening?  Nephites are fortifying their lands. The prophet recruits the Ammonite sons. Why does it matter?  These are very real activities that would occur during intermittent peace and siege. Between the lines: We can learn a lot about covenant keeping and preparation from this chapter. Quote of the day: “In approximately 64 […]

Alma 52

Alma 52 What’s happening?  Amalickiah is killed but the war is still going on. Why does it matter?  The Nephites are only winning because of faithfulness and ingenious tactical maneuvers. Between the lines: Moroni and his leaders are clever men, but especially because they follow revelation from the Lord. Quote of the day: “Truly he was […]

Alma 51

Alma 51 What’s happening? Rebellion is happening internally. Why does it matter?  We see many of the same things happening in countries today, just with different names and circumstances. Between the lines: It’s a downward slide when  Quote of the day: “Mormon showed, but his account, that wickedness brought dissent, and dissent brought the threat of […]

Alma 50

Alma 50 What’s happening?  More wars and rebellions are happening, both from the Lamanites and among the Nephites themselves. Why does it matter?  More righteous leaders are raised up to stop new, wicked men seeking personal gain. Between the lines: In this chapter we learn that even during times of war and internal rebellion, the […]

Alma 49

Alma 49 What’s happening?  The Lamanites attack two Nephite cities. Why does it matter?  All the Nephites’ preparations are going to pay off while the Lamanites are going to make promises they can’t keep. Between the lines: The Lamanites swore an oath to destroy the city of Noah without knowing the current conditions there. They […]

Alma 48

Alma 48 What’s happening?  Preparation for war is happening on both sides. Why does it matter?  War becomes a study of good and bad examples–it brings out the best and worst in people. Between the lines: Think about the differences between Amalickiah and the Zoramite leaders versus Captain Moroni and Helaman. Quote of the day: […]

Alma 47

Alma 47 What’s happening?  Amalickiah runs away to the Lamanites and ends up leading their armies. Why does it matter?  Amalickiah seems to very easily take over the Lamanites after trying so hard and failing to do the same with the Nephites previously. The Lamanites don’t have men like Captain Moroni to stand in Amalickiah’s […]