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What We Offer

FLOWERS: Every Day a Celebration If you want flowers delivered, why not hire a local farmer and florist? Because the joy of flowers shouldn’t be relegated only to special occasions, Nevermore Gardens brings its bounty to your door anytime. Flowers are a late arrival to the local farm-to-table movement, as most offerings are shipped across […]

About the Farms

Where We’re Located Our headquarters are positioned less than two miles from downtown Flagstaff in the forests above. Nevermore Gardens locally sources all their ingredients from their biodynamically-grown gardens at headquarters or our satellite farm in Cornville, AZ.  About the Gardens Nevermore Cabin  Situated on five acres, about two miles from downtown Flagstaff, AZ, the […]

Who We Are

Despite taking every precaution, I developed COVID-19 in August 2020. With over two months in bed, I was left to consider my life and the things that mattered most to me. I realized I loved bringing joy to people through gardening and especially through flowers and edibles. The idea of making Nevermore Gardens a business […]