YA Fantasy: The Storybookland Series


Sixteen-year-old Mireille d’Aulnoy has one goal: get as far away as possible from the abusive Bluebeard. When Bluebeard convinces Mireille’s mother to marry her off to him once she is of age, Mireille knows the time to run is now. Christian spends all his energy protecting his family from losing their farm and the country life they love. When he is forced by Bluebeard’s machinations to leave town and recover the Impossible Story, a legendary book that makes its author immortal, he must find it before his frail father dies. Mireille agrees to help him but has no intention of returning once the book is found. Then Bluebeard pressures her into a choice: bring the Impossible Story to him or Christian’s life ends. The betrayal may destroy her budding relationship with Christian, especially in a land where stories are paramount. But the same words used to create stories can change them if one is brave enough to try.


After hiding from her destiny and former captors aboard a pirate ship, a young Storyteller must come forward to reclaim two artifacts before it means the death of Storybookland and her friends, Will Shakespeare and Robin Goodfellow.


When a time-traveling thief is caught stealing from the King of Hearts, he’s pulled into a heist that could either help him find his missing sister or lead him straight to the gallows.

MG Magical Realism: Area 52


Fourteen-year-old Cole Huffington and his father said yes to working in New Mexico’s Area 52 before they knew what it entailed. Once they learn it’s a holding facility for magical creatures, Cole’s dad can’t believe their luck while Cole just can’t believe. When an unknown enemy begins to attack the creatures and traps his father in the archival warehouse, Cole is positive it’s time to get back to California before he’s a target. But he has learned to care about these creatures and especially their caretaker, Summer Woodstone. Cole believes his estranged mother may know how to help save the creatures, but how to enlist her help without letting the whole world know about Area 52?