Co-Editing the Gardening Column

I’ve convinced a friend of mine to co-edit the local gardening column, Gardening, Etc. with me. There wasn’t anyone else to take the job on (it’s volunteer-based) but I believe getting people informed and excited about gardening is important. And my friend, Cindy, said yes, she’d do it with me. She is amazing for so many reasons! Honestly, I couldn’t have taken on the project without her. She does twice as much work as I do and keeps me on track with deadlines. It was something I needed to do to build courage in my life (can we say, living my values?) and I think both of us have stretched the moment we said yes, we’ll do it. Here’s to living our values! Here’s to helping others through information and words!

(And here’s our first post and bio intros from when we started the task:)

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