Courage: Value Effort #1

This website certainly has taken courage for me to create. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. In fact, ever since I stopped blogging a few years ago. I blogged for about 10 years total and after awhile, I felt like it was too pretentious, too all-eyes-on-me. Not to mention very time-consuming. Now it feels like a step forward to put myself out there again. But this time, I do it only in hopes of helping others. Helping even a few gives me courage to find the right words. I know especially what I have to say about writing will not be agreeable to every writer, nor will my views on food and environmental conservation. But that’s okay–no two people think the same–and that’s a good thing. Differences make us wonderful and I celebrate that. I hope you will too!

My first value to work on: COURAGE!

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