Designing My Own Personal MFA

I’m taking a journey. It’s a journey to better learn the craft of writing. I’ve considered going back to school and getting another advanced degree. This time a MFA in Children’s Literature. In the end I decided I want to save that money for my kids who are headed off to college very soon themselves. Besides, I know exactly what I want to learn and I don’t take to authority very well anymore. (Most people in their forties shouldn’t, in my opinion.) So this is a very focused and specialized syllabus, comprising only fiction for middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA). I also suggest specific writing assignments tailored to help current manuscripts. Here I outline all the assignments I give myself. This website is to keep me accountable. Feel free to join in at your own pace. Modify my self-imposed curricula as it fits your needs.  This program is for myself and I wish I would have figured it out 12 years ago.

What would you want to learn if you could tailor fit your own MFA program?

The Syllabus

Why I designed my own MFA

The Reading List

Lesson 1. Misinformation