Helaman 1

Helaman 1

What’s happening? Three of Pahoran’s sons want the chief judge seat when Pahoran dies. One is condemned for treason and secret combinations enter back into the politics of Zarahemla.

Why does it matter? Internal, civil unrest leaves the people open to Lamanite occupation.

Between the lines: Moronihah (Captain Moroni’s son) is able to take back possession of Zarahemla but at a huge cost that would have been unnecessary if they weren’t dealing with internal strife rather than watching for outside invaders.

Quote of the day: “Where there is contention, the Spirit of the Lord will depart, regardless who is at fault.” ~ JE Faust, 1996,¬†What I Want My Son to Know before He Leaves on His Mission

1:1-6, 18-20 What happens when leaders refuse to accept the will of the people? See also 3 Nephi 11:29-30.

“The sins of corruption, dishonesty, strife, contention, and other evils in this world are not here by chance. They are evidences of the relentless campaign of Satan and those who follow him. He uses every tool and device available to him to deceive, confuse, and mislead. He has many followers who do anything for money without regard for the effects of their misdeeds.” ~ JB Wirthlin, 1994, Deep Roots

1:7-8 Why was Paanchi tried “according to the voice of the people”?

“Standing for truth and right is not solely a Sunday thing. Every day our neighborhoods and communities are in desperate need of our support and our commitment to safety and law and order. Crime, in all its pervasive manifestations, is a serious worldwide evil and a moral problem about which Church leaders have great concern.” ~ MR Ballard, 1997, Standing for Truth and Right¬†

1:9-11 Why do wicked men swear oaths? See also Numbers 30:2 and the etymology of the word ‘assassin’.

1:15-16 Why did Coriantumr and King Tubaloth work together against the Nephites?1:33 Why were prisoners allowed to leave? See also Matthew 5:44 and 3 Nephi 12:44.

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