Helaman 6

Helaman 6

What’s happening? Nephi and Lehi, Helaman the second’s sons, preach to the Lamanites and the Nephites. The Lamanites become more righteous and don’t let the Gadianton robbers into their circles like the Nephites do.

Why does it matter? The converts wisely show us which influences they’ll allow into their lives and which ones they won’t.

Between the lines: Much of what is happening at this time in history has been prophesied to happen in our time too.

Quote of the day: “The Book of Mormon teaches that the devil is the ‘author of all sin’ and the founder of these secret combinations.He uses secret combinations, including gangs, ‘from generation to generation according as he can get hold upon the hearts of the children of men.’ His purpose is to destroy individuals, families, communities, and nations. To a degree, he was successful during Book of Mormon times. And he is having far too much success today.” ~ MR Ballard, 1997, Standing for Truth and Right

6:1-4 What caused the great shift of righteousness being found more in the Lamanites?

6:7-9 What was the relationship between the Nephites and Lamanites when both groups were living righteously?

6:15-19 What was the reason for the disruption of peace among the people?

6:20-21, 37-39 What did the Lamanites and Nephites each try to do about the Gadianton robbers?

6:25-31 Where do secret combinations originate?

6:32-35 How do these events relate to our day?

6:36 As with the Lamanite’s “willingness to believe,” how do we grow in testimony?

“Desire is a particle of faith that develops within us as we experience divine truth. It is like spiritual photosynthesis. The influence of the Holy Ghost, acting on the Light of Christ within every human being, produces the spiritual equivalent of a chemical reaction—a stirring, a change of heart, or a desire to know. Hope develops as particles of faith become molecules and as simple efforts to live true principles occur. As patterns of obedience develop, the specific blessings associated with obedience are realized and belief emerges. Desire, hope, and belief are forms of faith, but faith as a principle of power comes from a consistent pattern of obedient behavior and attitudes. Personal righteousness is a choice. Faith is a gift from God, and one possessed of it can receive enormous spiritual power.” ~ KW Pearson, 2009, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

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