Helaman 7

Helaman 7

What’s happening? Nephi mourns the wickedness of the people. He calls them to repentance and warns them of destruction.

Why does it matter? God always sends prophets to allow a people one last chance to repent.

Between the lines: The Lamanites are becoming more righteous while most of the Nephites are feeding their pride.

Quote of the day: “Behold, I know that these are true because the Lord God has made them known unto me, therefore I testify that they shall be.” Helaman 7:29

7:4 Why do political leaders who “do no justice unto the children of men” stay in power?

7:5 How can the righteous endure unjust treatments?

“Even in our day, ‘the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money.’ Some things just don’t seem fair. With strong underpinnings, however, we are better able to reach upward for help, even when faced with questions without easy answers.” ~ RM Nelson, 2002, How Firm a Foundation

7:6 Why do you think the government shifted in favor of the Gadianton robbers “in the space of not many years”?

7:7-9 Can you relate to Nephi and wish you lived in a different era?

7:10-11 Why do you think Nephi went to his garden tower to pray? Why do you think he sorrowed for his people’s sins rather than felt angry?

7:20-22 Nephi lists some ways people forget God, but what are some ways to be vigilant about remembering Him?

7:24-27 Is wealth inherently bad? Why or why not? And why would the Lord prosper His people if it made them forget Him and choose sin?

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