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Alma 36

What’s happening? Alma recounts being stopped by an angel to his son Helaman. Why does it matter?  This is one of the most dramatic conversion stories recorded. Between the lines:  We understand what it’s like to repent from serious sin. Quote of the day: “Godly sorrow is a gift of the Spirit. It is a deep realization […]

Alma 35

What’s happening? The believers are cast out among the Zoramites, war is brewing, and Alma realizes he needs to start at home to preach faith. Why does it matter? This is a pivotal point in the further separation of the followers of Christ from those who refuse to believe. Between the lines: The Lord here […]

Alma 34

What’s happening? Amulek backs up Alma’s testimony and teachings. Why does it matter? Again, having two or more witnesses helps strengthen a case and a testimony. Between the lines: All teachings should lead its hearers to turn towards Jesus Christ. Quote of for the day: “This is the whole meaning of the law, every whit […]

Alma 33

What’s happening? Alma quotes the prophets to testify of Jesus Christ. Why does it matter? Testimony increases by listening to a prophet, but it is also reinforced when there is more than one witness. Between the lines: Alma is handing us the path to salvation by pointing us to our Brother, Jesus Christ. Read the […]

Alma 32

What’s happening? Alma is teaching the poor (in spirit and financially) how faith is like a seed. Why does it matter? Many people have received their testimonies based on this chapter because the lesson Alma uses is so relatable. We know how a seed works and the miracle that it is, but mostly faith is […]