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Helaman 13

Helaman 13 What’s happening? Samuel comes to preach a second time to the Nephites.  Why does it matter? Samuel is an outsider, but a prophet, and through him the Lord is giving the Nephites one more chance to repent. Between the lines: For the prideful, the truth can be harder to hear from an outsider. […]

Helaman 12

Helaman 12 What’s happening? Mormon tells us how he interprets what has just happened to the Nephites. Why does it matter? It is helpful to have Mormon point out what these historical happenings have to do with salvation and judgment.  Between the lines: We learn what happens to the repentant and the unrepentant, those who […]

Helaman 11

Helaman 11 What’s happening? At Nephi’s request, the Lord switches out war with famine as a way to humble the people. Why does it matter? When people are prideful, they must be forced to be humble or they forget God and their purpose here on earth. Between the lines: Some, as seen with the Gadianton […]

Helaman 10

Helaman 10 What’s happening? The voice of the Lord comforts Nephi and gives him sealing power. The Lord asks Nephi to preach to the people and Nephi immediately does. Why does it matter? Encouragement and power from on high can help us get through challenging times, just like it did for Nephi. Between the lines: […]

Helaman 9

Helaman 9What’s happening? Nephi, through prophesy, helps identify the chief judge’s killer. Why does it matter? This becomes a high profile case which allows Nephi to preach to more individuals than before. Between the lines: Sometimes when things look like they’re falling apart, they’re really falling into place. Quote of the day: “The first of […]

Helaman 8

Helaman 8 What’s happening? Nephi is calling the wicked political leadership out and these leaders try to incite the public against Nephi. Nephi testifies of their destruction if they don’t repent and that even at that moment the chief judge has been murdered. Why does it matter? The Lord always warns a people before utter […]

Helaman 7

Helaman 7 What’s happening? Nephi mourns the wickedness of the people. He calls them to repentance and warns them of destruction. Why does it matter? God always sends prophets to allow a people one last chance to repent. Between the lines: The Lamanites are becoming more righteous while most of the Nephites are feeding their […]

Helaman 6

Helaman 6 What’s happening? Nephi and Lehi, Helaman the second’s sons, preach to the Lamanites and the Nephites. The Lamanites become more righteous and don’t let the Gadianton robbers into their circles like the Nephites do. Why does it matter? The converts wisely show us which influences they’ll allow into their lives and which ones […]

Helaman 5

Helaman 5 What’s happening? Miracles and the ministering of angels happen on Lehi and Nephi’s mission.  Why does it matter? About 300 people will see these miracles and it will strengthen the faith they have already–faith centered on what they’ve learned about Jesus Christ. Between the lines: Miracles and seeing angels doesn’t convert, but being […]

Helaman 4

Helaman 4 What’s happening? We have a pride cycle encapsulated in a single chapter. Why does it matter? Even with repentance, there are consequences for actions. Between the lines: Change must be internal for it to stick and outlast outside influences. Quote of the day: “Once rooted in a person’s heart, pride sets the stage […]