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Alma 22

22:13 What do we understand about our need for the Jesus’ Atonement? 22:15 What do we learn about Lamoni’s father’s spiritual growth? Compare Alma 20:23. 22:17 What role does humility play in gaining a testimony and doing the Lord’s will? “Many of us live or work in an environment where humility is often misunderstood and […]

Alma 21

21:3 Why do former believers react so strongly against the gospel? “[In] the words of the Savior: ‘If the light which is in you becomes darkness, behold how great is that darkness.’ Look at the dissenters. Again, ‘If you were of the world, the would love its own.’ …But they speak all manner of evil […]

Alma 20

20:2 Who can hear the voice of the Lord? “It belongs to and should be operative in the life of every man, woman, and child who reaches the age of accountability and enters into sacred covenants. Sincere desire and worthiness invite the spirit of revelation into our lives.” ~ DA Bednar 20:10-13 How do false […]

Alma 19

19:6 What is the “light of the glory of God”? “There is really no excuse for men to reject the gospel message. When they do so, it is because of spiritual blindness or because their deeds are evil and they love darkness rather than light. If they would but hearken to the voice of conscience, […]

Alma 17

17:1-3 How were the sons of Mosiah prepared to teach the Lamanites? Why are fasting and prayer still asked of us today? “There are certain blessings obtained when one searches the scriptures. As a person studies the words of the Lord and obeys them, he or she draws closer to the Savior and obtains a […]

Alma 16

16:5-6 What is the ‘spirit of prophecy’ and is it available to us today? What does it look like in your life? 16:9-11 Why was Ammonihah destroyed? Why do you think Alma recorded it? 16:16 Why does the Lord require unity and equality among His people? What would this look like today? See also John […]

Alma 15

15:3-5 What was wrong with Zeezrom? Can someone be sick spiritually and physically? “There is another part of us, not so tangible, but quite as real as our physical body. This tangible part of us is described as mind, emotion, intellect, temperament, and many other things. Very seldom is it described as spiritual. But there […]

Helaman 1

Helaman 1 What’s happening? Three of Pahoran’s sons want the chief judge seat when Pahoran dies. One is condemned for treason and secret combinations enter back into the politics of Zarahemla. Why does it matter? Internal, civil unrest leaves the people open to Lamanite occupation. Between the lines: Moronihah (Captain Moroni’s son) is able to […]

Alma 63

Alma 63 What’s happening?  Thousands migrate out of Zarahemla, including Hagoth, and the sacred records pass hands to new prophets. Why does it matter?  We end the war chapters with progression and peace, but most of all a record of God’s hands in the lives of His people. Between the lines: Too much speculation exists […]

Alma 62

Alma 62 What’s happening?  Moroni and Pahoran take back Nephihah. Why does it matter?  As Moroni and Pahoran show us, they are stronger united. Between the lines: Peace can come when people are rallied around righteous causes. Quote of the day: ‘”Grounded in the faith of Jesus Christ, Captain Moroni defended his people, their rights, and […]